Law | Tougher Smoking Ordinance Worcester, MA

The city administration of Worcester, MA led by City Managed Edward M. Augustus is recommending a series of amendments to the existing tobacco laws. Despite the changes, the City Manager is emphasized that the city is not look to encumber local businesses or infringe on personal freedom.

The changes include:

  • Ban smoking in municipal parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, beaches and other swimming areas.
  • Ban smoking at all public library campuses.
  • Ban smoking in public transportation, bus and taxi waiting areas with an enclosed space or covering.
  • Ban redemption of coupons that permit free tobacco products.
  • Ban flavored tobacco products, except in retail stores and smoking/hookah bars.
  • Require minimum cigar package size.
  • Require cessation signage in retail stores.

The new changes would come with tougher penalties changing the enforcement periods from 12 to 24 months with fines up to $300.00

Worcester is home to over 182,000 residents over 38.6 square miles and was founded in 1673.

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