Law | Victorville, CA Vote On Parks

Part of the issue at hand is the refusal of smokers to stand up and fight against the laws that affect our freedoms as tax payers. Today at 6pm, the city of Victorville, CA will vote on a proposed ban of smoking at city parks.

According to Chris Hedger a smoker, he thinks the proposed ban is a good idea, “I would rather smoke outside in my backyard than come into a public area and try to intoxicate other people with secondhand smoke.

If the smoking ban is passed it will apply to parks, recreation areas, parking lots and sports fields. Thankfully there is a non-smoker on our side. John Poindextar states, “I think it’s too draconian. I think there should be like a designated smoking area. Everybody wants to legalize pot, it seems like now, but if somebody’s having a cigarette, they’re a villain, and I think it’s a bit too much.

The vote will be held at City Hall.

Victorville, CA is home to 121,000 residents over 73.74 square miles and was founded in 1962.

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