Law: Wellspan Heath Won’t Hire Tobacco Users

Starting January 1st, 2015 another healthcare system in the state of Pennsylvania will not hire you if you use tobacco. According to WellSpanHealth, all job applicants will be required to submit a urine sample for drug testing as well as nicotine and tobacco. The healthcare system will not hire individuals who test positive from more than a secondhand amount of either unless they agree to be put on a program to quit.

The company which employs more than 11,000 people across the region joined the University of Pennsylvania and Lancaster General Health. The new policy will not apply to current employees.

A spokesperson for WellSpan said the company is not looking to crack down on other unhealthy lifestyle choices, because such policies could land the employer in a legal grey area.

More than half of all states have “smoker protection laws” that offer legal protection to individuals who smoke on their own property and time, but Pennsylvania is not one of them.

Via York Dispatch

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