News: Art Basel May Lose Davidoff As Sponsor

The giving nature of the cigar industry in one that is second to none. From the consumers who organize events for Wounded Warriors and other fundraisers to the giving nature of the cigar manufacturers themselves. One of these projects is Art Basel, of which Davidoff is responsible for 25% of the tournament budget.

However, due to a new pending Swiss law, the luxury cigar manufacturer might have to withdraw from the Swiss Fair they begun taking part in two years ago.

In an attempt to limit smoking in the country the Swiss Department of Home Affarirs head, Alain Berset introduced a law that would limit what events tobacco companies can sponsor. In Switzerland, tobacco firms are banned from advertising.

In 2005, the European Union adopted regulations that state tobacco firms cannot sponsor events that are confined to participants and views from one EU member country. Berset is looking to ban tobacco advertising at “events in Switzerland of inter nation nature.” If the legislation moves forward, Davidoff will have to pull their financial support for Art Basel.

A spokesperson for Davidoff stated that the proposed law is a, “fundamental encroachment on the free market economy, to an never before seen extent.”

The Davidoff brand currently has a presence at all three Art Basel fairs.

Davidoff’s engagement with Art Basel is part of their larger Davidoff Art Initiative, which focuses on establishing links between the Caribbean and the art world at large, including residencies for Caribbean artists who wish to come work in Europe and a recently-announced residency in the Dominican Republic for international artists.

Via Artnet

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