Legislation Week In Review Vol. 7

Each week we share some of the news that comes across our desk about upcoming local legislation.. This week we have stories from Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Utah

ConnecticutAsonia has passed a new regulation that was set to ban all tobacco products and e-cigarettes. However, when two women pleaded with the Alderman they decided to omit e-cigarettes from the regulations. It is now illegal to smoke cigarettes, cigars, and use chewing tobacco at city-owned parks. You’ll be fined $50 for doing so, unless you use a e-cigarette .

Colorado – The Boulder County commissioners have banned smoking on the county’s large amount of trails and parks. Despite the open space, visitors are no longer allowed to light up.

Florida – In Port Orange, some good news to start the week as Port Orange has overturned the ruling that banned smoking in city parks. The city had their hand forced as state law specifically prohibits municipalities from enacting smoking bans in outdoor parks.

Massachusetts – The Leominster and Fitchburg Board of Health are banning the sale of flavored tobacco at all places other than tobacco outlets. The measure will prohibit the sale at convenience stores and gas stations and also includes vape products.

In Falmouth, the Board of Health has passed a law that raises the tobacco purchase age from 18 to 21. The measure was approved despite local business owners speaking against the regulations.

New JerseyCaldwell has banned smoking on all property owned by the borough. The measure which was passed on March 1st prohibits smoking in such places as public parks and recreation areas. In addition to the smoking ban, smoking will also be prohibited in vehicles owned by the borough.


UtahCedar City has decided to stop free enterprise if that enterprise is a cigar store. The city council has enacted a 6 mnth moratorium preventing the opening of tobacco specialty stores.

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