LFD La Nox

LFD La Nox Cigar Review

The LFD La Nox Toro is a cigar that commands attention both in its dark, alluring appearance and its rich, complex flavor profile. Crafted with a Brazilian maduro wrapper, a San Andrés binder, and a blend of Dominican Piloto and Pelo de Oro fillers, this cigar promises an experience as serene and powerful as the night.

The La Nox Toro is striking with its dark maduro colored wrapper that exudes an oily sheen. The wrapper feels coarse and almost leathery to the touch, with pronounced veins running along its surface. The cigar is densely packed, hinting at the heavy smoke profile that awaits.

Upon ignition, the La Nox Toro greets you with an assertive mix of flavors. Dark black coffee notes stand out prominently, setting a robust foundation. A sweetness reminiscent of BBQ sauce mingles with touches of molasses and chocolate, creating a complex interplay of flavors. Initially, there’s a significant presence of salt and black pepper, which gradually mellows as you progress through this third.

The second third maintains the dominance of the dark coffee notes, while the pepper has receded, a lingering saltiness remains. The molasses and BBQ flavors evolve, taking on a jerky-like meatiness that adds depth. Subtle wood notes emerge, complementing the existing flavors and enhancing the overall complexity.

In the final third, the flavor profile shifts again. Leather and black pepper spice return with intensity, bringing back some of the initial robustness. The saltiness persists, now reminiscent of soft pretzels with bread notes subtly coming through. While black coffee is still present, it no longer dominates, allowing the BBQ jerky sweetness stand out leading to a sweet and savory finish.

The LFD La Nox Toro is a dynamic and intriguing cigar, offering multiple and interesting flavor changes throughout the smoke. The STARS say it is a great cigar that you would want to smoke again. Despite some reviewers mentioning a tighter draw than preferred, the cigar delivers a satisfying and rich smoking experience with plenty of smoke output.

Overall Score: 90.25 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 6.25 out of 10

LFD La NoxThis blind cigar review (Cigar #10-C) was scored by a distinguished panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Mike Cokeley, Nick – Cigar Pulpit, LKOUTS, The Fah King, Justin Fultz, Jim DeLuca, AustinDan, Mike Fox, Ray Forslund, & Munch

Price: $14.19 per single, $252.99 per box of 20


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