Neanderthal Genetic Deformity Cigar Review

When is a barber pole, not a barber pole? The answer in my book is when it’s the Neanderthal Genetic Deformity. The cigar features the wrapper of the Cromagnon Aquitaine (Habano) and Cromagnon (Broadleaf) but unless you look closely you might miss it. Technically speaking, it is a barber pole but it doesn’t have the definitive contrast in wrappers we all associate with the type of cigar.

Cigar Review: Neanderthal Genetic Deformity
Wrapper: Habano / Broadleaf  (Barber Pole)
Binder: Broadleaf (Connecticut)
Filler: Condega, Jalapa, Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí (Nicaragua); Olor (Dominican Republic) and Green River Valley Sucker One Double Ligero (Pennsylvania)
Length: 4.25
Ring Gauge: 52
Size: Genetic Deformity

The Look: Packaged in 15 count boxes, the Neanderthal GD doesn’t look like a barber pole until you look closely and even then some of the cigars don’t look different then the regular line. The cigars feature the burnt orange band (hook  em horns) and a flat cap giving it a Frankenstein look.

The Notes: The cold draw of the GD offers up a subtle cocoa component with a hint of wasabi in the background. The foot of the stick sees those cold draw mimicked to perfection. Once the cigar is lit pepper singes the nostril and palate simultaneously.

Smoking the first half of the Genetic Deformity the difference in the wrappers is noticeable in comparison to the regular release, but there really isn’t a change while smoking, not that I expected one. One thing that has me caught off guard is how mouth watering the cigars. There are notes of mocha, espresso and leather while the retrohale has a wasabi like kick to it.

The second half of the GD continues to be a mouth watering experience. The leather component has dissipated while mocha and espresso are the dominant profile. The retrohale transitions from wasabi to black pepper that lingers on the long finish.

The Finish: The limited production Neanderthal Genetic Deformity is a nice departure from the regular production line. It’s a mouth watering experience that changes things up considerably. This is a limited production cigar that is worth a multiple box purchase when they are available.

Score: 94
Price: $10.69 / $141.99

Neanderthal Genetic Deformity

Neanderthal Genetic Deformity Foot

Neanderthal Genetic Deformity Burn

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