The Ban of Online Cigar Sales One Step Closer To Reality

Earlier today The United States House of Representatives voted on HR 866 which provides consideration of the bill HR 2339 which would amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which with respect to the sale and market of tobacco product. This is a bill that would make changes to the cigar industry that will cost jobs, ban online cigar sales, put people out of business and remove free choice from the people. HR 866 passed along party lines today with 204 Democrats voting for it, and 186 Republicans voting  against it.

Included in HR 2339 bill which was primary created to target the vape community are items detrimental to the cigar industry.

  1. The bill creates the definition of a premium cigar. However, under examination of the bill one of the requirements for a premium cigar is that it costs $12. That price increases yearly based on the Consumer Price Index.
  2. The bill also bans any transaction that is not done face to face. Meaning that online sales are one step closer to being banned.
  3. It also bans cigars that has a characterizing flavor other than tobacco. This could be dangerous as flavors are used to describe many cigars even those that are not flavored.

Update to Bill HB 2339 on Scribd

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