Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015 Maduro

The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015 might just be the longest name for a cigar in the industry today. Announced earlier this week in a press release, the cigar is limited to 1,000 boxes of each wrapper (Connecticut, Habano, Maduro)  and features a tweaked blend from the regular production Nestor Miranda Collection.

The cigar has sentimental value to the Miranda family as it pays tribute to the son of Nestor and Mariana Miranda, Daniel Miranda who passed away from a brain aneurysm.

It is rumored that next year’s one life edition will be the Ruky (Nestor Miranda’s nickname) and the year after that a lancero before returning to the Danno in 2018.

Cigar: Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015
Size:  7 x 56 (Danno)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Source: Miami Cigar & Company

The Look: The maduro version of the Danno 2015 has a rustic look to it with a fairly thick wrapper. Looking at the toothy Broadleaf wrapper with the fan-tail cap there is some crystallization visible and some significant veins. Right off the bat it looks different than the original Danno releases. The foot reveals some significant swirls of ligero. The band utilizes colors of red, black and silver and stands out on the shelves.

The Notes: Once the cigar is between lips there is some saltiness present with hints of paprika and a slight sweetness. The foot of the cigar serves up a muted paprika and a dark chocolate note.

Once the cigar is lit, it comes off as a smoother, more refined version of the Nestor Miranda Collection. The initial notes of mocha transition into a dark chocolate before sliding back to the sweetness of mocha. There is some pepper through the nose though it is miniscule.

In the second third of the Danno 2015 some sweet tea notes develop while the notes of mocha remain. There is also a maple syrup like sweetness on the front end of the draw. The pepper through the nose picks up some creating a nice yin and yang effect.

The last third of the cigar see some continued spice through the nose with notes of warm chocolate, and nuts. Call me crazy, but there is also a hint of banana bread on the finish of the Danno 2015 maduro.

The Burn: I was a little concerned that the thick wrapper of the cigar would create some burn issues, but on the two samples I smoked they burned perfectly. The slow burning Danno had a thin combustion line that revealed a medium gray ash that held on for nearly the first half of the smoke. The draw was perfect with the right amount of resistance and it remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish: While I wouldn’t call this a classic maduro, it does have elements of what a maduro use to be, and that is sweet. Don’t get me wrong, as the cigar progresses it becomes a stronger modern maduro while retaining some classic elements. If you listen to the radio show, David Garofalo isn’t a fan of stronger cigars but I can’t wait until we smoke this on the show because I am really interested in what his take would be. As for me, I look forward to buying a box of these and saving them for special occasions.

Score: 94
Price: $12.19 / $215.99

Danno 2015 Maduro

Danno 2015 Maduro

Danno 2015 Maduro Foot

Danno 2015 Maduro Foot

Danno 2015 Maduro Burn

Danno 2015 Maduro Burn

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