Nestor Miranda Danno LE 2015 Habano

This weekend Nestor Miranda and Jason Wood from Miami Cigar & Company will be in town for a Father’s Day dinner as well as the nationwide launch of Danno. The cigar which pays homage to Nestor’s son is available in three wrappers, with each being limited to 1,000 boxes.

We’ve already reviewed the Maduro, and today we look at the Habano with the Connecticut being the remaining wrapper.

Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno 2015
7 x 56 (Danno)
Nicaragua Habano
Miami Cigar & Company

The Look: The band, definitely not an important part of the cigar but I do love how the green and black work on the Nestor Miranda Collection bands. The Habano wrapper has some brindle effects to it and a pig tail cap. The foot is well packed, and the cigar has a hefty weight to it with no soft spots.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Nestor Miranda Danno 2015 Habano has some vanilla, cedar and oats with the aroma off the foot being a slight molasses and some cedar. On the initial light there is a slight wisp of vanilla bean and cedar.

Smoking our way into the first third of this limited edition the primary note of the cigar becomes cedar with some sweetness that borders on molasses in the background. There is cigar is joined with some oats as well as the first third comes to a close. Surprising the cigar has little to know pepper through the nose which is not what you come to expect from My Father S.A. where the cigars are made.

The second third of the cigar sees the notes of oat become the primary focal point. In the background there is some sweetness and a nuts with the body of the cigar growing considerable from the mild first third into all out medium. Around the half way point some caramel joins the mix.

Moving into the last third of the cigar some red pepper notes develop through the nose while the cigar develops a slight cinnamon. There is a continue sweetness in the background with hints of graham cracker and cedar with a somewhat spicy finish.

The Burn:  The slow smoke Danno 2015 Habano lasted me well over two hours, but I am a slow smoker to begin with. The light color ash held firm for each third of the cigar with little to no flake. There was below average smoke production and the band removed with ease. The draw offered the right amount of resistance and the cigar remained lit throughout.

The Finish: When I first smoked the samples of the Danno 2015 the Maduro stood out as my favorite, but the more I smoke the Habano the more this is my favorite of the limited edition, though it is very close.

Score: 94
Price: $12.19 / $215.99

Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Danno 2015 - Habano

Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Danno 2015 – Habano

Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Danno 2015 - Habano Burn

Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Danno 2015 – Habano Burn

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