News | Aging Room Bin No.1 Box Pressed

This morning, Rafael Nodal sent out an email officially announcing the new Aging Room Bin No. 1 D Major Box Press. The cigars will come 18 to a box with each stick in an individual coffin.

According to Rafael Nodal, “The excellent Full Body blend of the Bin No. 1 gets even better in this 54 x 6 box pressed creation for a sophisticated and refined smoking experience.”

The Bin No. 1 D Major will be available at the end of April and will be limited to 1,500 boxes. The Bin No.1 utilizes tobacco from 1997, 1998, and 1999 crops.

The cigars are expected to sell for $14.99 each before local taxes.

Also mentioned int the email was the new Romeo by Boutique Blends which we mentioned in a past article.


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