News | Air Force Bans Smoking In Recreational Areas

As the Department of Defense mulls changes to the policy of smoking in the military, the Air Force has made it illegal to smoke in recreational areas including its bowling alleys, beaches, parks, golf courses and basketball courts. Smoking is also prohibited in vehicles on bases where there is a person under the age of 14 present.

According to Air Force Colonel Dr. John Oh,  the Air Force, we’re committed to promoting tobacco-free living throughout. We’re not waiting for direction from DoD. We’ll continue to push forward. We’re not doing anything in the Air Force that isn’t being done elsewhere. We’re following many of the practices that have been shown to be effective.”

The move is made as the Pentagon is considering raising the prices of tobacco and expanding the tobacco-free areas on all military bases.

There was no timetable given as to when the new measures would take place.

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