News: Albany Votes to Ban Tobacco Sales In Stores With Pharmacy

Country legislators voted 21-17 and became the first county in the state of New York to ban tobacco sales in retail stores with a pharmacy. According to CBS 6 in Albany. Supporters argues it would limit exposure to children and avoid sending the wrong message to consumers. The new law follows the CVS announcement that it would ban tobacco sales in its stores by October 1st.

The only argument against the new measure came from retail groups who argued it would hurt stores.

According to Mike Rose of the Food Industry Alliance of New York,  “This would be the first county to do this so they’re really rolling the dice with their fiscal books. They’re not banning tobacco sales. They’re just choosing in which venues it will be sold.”

The law has been up for consideration for two years and only recently gained momentum for a vote. It now goes to County Executive Dan McCoy for approval. 

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