News | Baccarat Cigarillo Shipping January 2015

On January 15th, Davidoff of Geneva is set to ship the new Baccarat cigarillos. Available in 10 count boxes they are available in Classic, Cognac and Rum.

According to Davidoff, the Classic is a short 15 minute smoke that is mild and creamy with the signature Baccarat sweet tip while the Rum is described as being inspired by the exotic flavors of Caribbean rum. It is medium-bodied with subtle hints of vanilla. The Cognac is a delicate expression of cognac notes with a subtle sweetness on the tongue and is described as medium-bodied and smooth.

The 10 count packs are expected to retail at $7.99 and will be sold to retailers in sleeves of 10. There is also a display unit that will hold all three variations of the cigarillo which measure 3.25 x 26.

Baccarat-Cigarillos-SS-3 Baccarat-Cigarillos-SS-2


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