News | CLE To Distribute Patoro in US Market

Pataro might not be a brand that is easily recognized, at least not yet. However, the names behind the brand have a rich history in the cigar industry. Pataro came into existence in 2001 and is Swiss based and owned by Patrick Martin and Dr. Pablo Richard Schneider.

The same year the company was formed, Patrick Martin left Davidoff where he did product development for both AVO and Griffin Cigars. Dr Pablo Richard Schneider is a respected plastic surgeon that has retired to follow his a family history in tobacco. His mother was one of three daughters that owned Davidoff, making him the grandson of Dr. Ernst Schneider who led the purchase from Zino Davidoff in 1970.

In a press release Dr. Pablo Richard Schneider stated, “We are happy and proud to announce our partnership with Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars, we have very similar philosophies and backgrounds, both of us being fourth and third generations tobacco men. With the CLE Cigars infrastructure we will have the freedom to develop Patoro Cigars with the attention and relationships necessary to be successful”.

While specifics of the cigar are being worked out it believed that it will be available in 4 sizes and it might be available in two different blends.

The cigars are expected to have a premium price point with a release targeted for November, 2014.

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