News: Fabricas Unidas Robbed

In what appears to be a continuing trend another cigar warehouse was robbed in Florida. This time around it was Fabricas Unidas. Fabrica Unidas is the parent company to Christian Eiroa’s new venture which holds Asylum, CLE, Wynwood, Hechicera and Edgar Hoill Cigars. The company was not prepared to share details at the time of press.

In July 2013, Florida Distributors was victim to a robbery totaling in excess of $300,00 and in September of the same year Alec Bradley was burglarized.

Update: A press release was sent out this afternoon from CLE and reads as follows:

Miami July 14th, 2014 – We have the terrible news that our warehouse in Miami was broken into this past weekend. We do not have any other details as local police; the FBI and BATF are beginning their investigations. We urge customers to report to us any products being offered by any untraditional sources. The extreme humidity and temperatures in Miami over the weekend guarantee that these cigars that have been stolen are already damaged since they are certainly not being well kept. Please report any offerings for the following cigars from any distributors:

– EIROA, 10 Count boxes, these are not available through any distributors
– CLE PLUS, these too are not available through any distributors
– PURA SOUL, which are not available through any local wholesale companies
– DISPLAY TRAYS, they have not been sold to any distributors as they were meant to be a retailer only product

The sum of the robbery was substantial and at first count, it is in the $ 800,000 range. Fortunately, we do not anticipate any disruption in business since we keep three warehouses and in Miami, we work with JUST IN TIME inventory to protect us against situations such as these.

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