News | Hammond, LA Bans Smoking At Bars + Casinos

The city of Hammond, Louisiana became the 9th in the state to ban smoking in bars and gaming halls following a 4-1 vote by the City Council on Tuesday night.

The law goes into effect in 90 days and adds hospitality business previously excluded under state law.

The one vote against came from Councilman Jason Hoot who believes that it isn’t the governments place to tell business owners how to run their business. Sadly, his other council members do not believe in freedom.

The new ordinance is modeled after the New Orleans law which went into effect today.

Business must put up signs saying No Smoking or Vaping and owners and managers face fines of $100 per violation, per day. Individuals who smoke in prohibited areas will be subjected to a $50 finer per violation.

Hammond, Louisiana is home to 20,000 residents overĀ 12.8 square miles and was founded in 1818.

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