Law | Fayetteville, AR Looking At Smoking Ban

Fayetteville, Arkansas is under fire from Smoke Free Fayetteville who is look to ban smoking at bars.

According to Page Daniel of Smoke Free Fayetteville, “You have the college student or your young professionals who say it is so frustrating to go home and have to wash my hair, I have to wash my clothes because they reek of smoke but I wanna see my friends and that’s where my friends are.”

But according to some bars this is not a necessity as they offer options for those who don’t want to smoke, while others have invested thousands of dollars on filtration systems.

Stand up Fayetteville and demand that college students bath daily and do their laundry and while you’re at it let them know to leave our smoking rights alone.

Fayetteville, Arkansas is home to 79,000 residents overĀ 43.44 square miles and was founded in 1828.

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