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This afternoon The Cigar Authority weekly radio show had Jon Carney from La Flor Dominicana sitting in for the duration of the of the episode which also featured Glynn Loope from the Cigar Rights of America. In the second hour of the broadcast it was announced that La Flor Dominicana would be making the 2015 version of the Firecracker.

The original cigar with a fuse was made by My Father Cigars before moving to another factory. At the conclusion of the Blind Taste Test in which La Flor Dominicana won for their 1994 cigar it was decided that Two Guys Smoke Shop would approach Litto Gomez about making a limited run of the firecracker.

Upon a visit to Two Guys Smoke Shop and meeting with David Garofalo, Litto Gomez announced he was on board with the project which is slated for release in March/2015.

The cigar measures 3 x 50 and Two Guys Smoke Shop has set up a web page for people to be notified when they arrive. You can visit the webpage and submit your email for notification. They will retail for $5.99 a single-stick, or $99.99 for a box of 20 and are limited to just 250 boxes.

The cigars utilize the same blend as the Double Ligero with the exception of some added special ligero tobaccos which enhance the strength of the cigar. Having smoked one on the show, I can tell you this might be one of the strongest cigars that I have smoked, and it is EXPLOSIVE.

Also, it was announced that La Flor Dominicana would be doing a special TAA release this year that will be voted on by members of the Tobacconist Association of America. Members will smoke various blends before submitting a vote and a size of choice. The consensus will then become the TAA release for 2015. According to Jon Carney, the VP of Sales for La Flor Dominicana, the cigars will have a special name and that he was not willing to share at this point.

Later in 2015, he also hinted at a special release from the son of Litto Gomez, Tony.

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