The Blind Taste Test Results

Back on August 16th, The Blind Taste Test went on sale. A collaboration between, The Cigar Authority and the consumer. We pitted 8 cigars against each other with the band removed and rebanded with a number. You smoked the cigars on the blind and let us know the winner. We had 4 Nicaraguan, 3 Dominican and a Honduran Cigar for the event.

There were a couple of surprises but without further adieu, here are the results gathered from over 480 participants…

Round 1:

(1) 44.2% Senorial by Jose Blanco
(2) 55.8% BG Meyer Standard Issue

This one was close with about half the votes in, before the Nicaraguan cigar out of Honduras began to pull away.

(3) 43.2% My Father Connecticut
(4) 56.8% La Flor Dominicana 1994

This one was no contest from the beginning, with La Flor Dominicana jumping out to a lead and holding on for the first round victory.

(5) 50.3% Tattoo by Tatuaje
(6) 49.7% Azan Burgundy

This one was like a middleweight fight with lots of punches thrown that went down to the end. There were a lot of lead changes, and despite Azan taking the first 15 votes placed, Tattoo edged ahead in the final hours.

(7) 40.6% Fratello
(8) 59.4% Debonaire Maduro

This one surprised the hell out of me on a few levels. One I would have picked Fratello to win and I definitely wouldn’t have had them pegged to lose by the largest margin in the first round.

Round 2:

(9) 41.5% BG Meyer Standard Issue
(10) 58.5% La Flor Dominicana 1994

Like the first round, La Flor Dominicana was in the lead from the first vote cast and never looked back.

(11) 45.8% Tattoo by Tatuaje
(12) 54.2% Debonaire Maduro

Perhaps a little bit of a mismatch as the most expensive cigar in the blind taste test went up vs the value cigar. Tattoo jumped out to a quick lead, but Debonaire edged closer before overtaking and passing Tattoo.

Round 3 – The Final Round: 

(13) 62% La Flor Dominicana 1994
(14) 38% Debonaire Maduro

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was the fact that two cigars from the Dominican Republic matched up in the finals. Everyone will tell you they like Nicaragua cigars, but with over 480 participants a statement was made. Without a band, and without knowing what the cigar is Dominican Republic continues to produce damn good smokes.

Congratulations to La Flor Dominicana and thanks to everyone who participated.


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