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La Marca Cigars Announces LMC Aniversario by Rodrigo Cigars and Tabacalera William Ventura

Monrovia, CA – March 4, 2015 — La Marca Cigars, a retailer in Southern California, is proud to announce the LMC Aniversario, a cigar to celebrate the company’s first anniversary. Last April the shop opened its doors and has since gained the reputation for carrying an assortment of boutique brands. One of those brands is Rodrigo Cigars.

Ken C. Wu, Co-Owner of La Marca Cigars, comments: “Last year, George Rodriguez came to our shop and we hit it off. As we hung out, our conversation drifted towards a collaboration with George and the factory who manufactures his Rodrigo Cigars, Tabacalera Ventura. We love Rodrigo Cigars and knew about the Ventura family’s boutique pedigree, so we were extremely excited about the prospect.”

The LMC Aniversario will be offered in a 5.875 x 46 corona gorda vitola and sold in 10-count boxes. The retail price for the box will be $87.00, with an in-store single cigar price of $8.75. The cigar is medium-bodied and composed of tobaccos from two different countries; a HVA wrapper from Ecuador, HVA binder from the Dominican Republic, along with Corojo 2006, Criollo 98 and Piloto Cubano fillers from the Dominican Republic.

“Henderson Ventura and I set out to make a cigar that reflected what La Marca Cigars is all about – commitment to craft, camaraderie amongst amigos and an undeniably cool SoCal vibe. The cigar, like the shop, is pure boutique. The appearance of the LMC Aniversario is exquisite. From the first puff the blend gives the smoker a uniquely rich flavor blast which increases in complexity with some great cabinet spice notes. The aroma and retro-hale are fantastic and the finish is clean. The Corona Gorda vitola was an excellent choice made by Ken who is not only a shop owner but a passionate tobacconist who cares about giving his customers the best smoking experience possible. LMC Aniversario is small batch done right – from the design concept by “5in5o” all the way to the nub of the cigar. I’m thrilled and honored to work with my amigos on this project,” said George Rodriguez

Design for the LMC Aniversario has a modern, almost art-deco feel with colors of black and gold throughout. The bands and boxes were designed by Cesar “5in5o” Rubin.

“Cesar is a good friend from NYC who we met through Social Media. He is an amazing artist, which is immediately apparent even when looking through his pictures on instagram. He see’s art everywhere. We shared the same vision for the design of this project and Cesar executed it perfectly,” said Ken C. Wu.

The cigar will debut on April 4th, 2015 at La Marca Cigars for their one year anniversary event. George Rodriguez of Rodrigo will be there to help kick things off.

This makes for the second shop exclusive made for La Marca Cigars in their short history, but the first to carry their name. Last year RoMa Craft Tobac created the La Campaña de Panamá Soberana Witchcraft for the California Mega Herf in September. The cigar was a spin-off of Roma Craft’s 2013 La Campaña de Panamá Soberana.

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