Law | St. Joseph’s, MO Bid Overturn Smoking Ban Fails *Update*

If at first you don’t succeed try again has become the mantra in St. Joseph, Missouri. A petition to repeal the city-wide smoking ban failed the first time when it was determined that 809 signatures were invalid as they were not registered voters.

This time around, those signatures have been replaced with 855 new signatures in an attempt to have the needed 2,568 signature in order for the City Council to consider the repeal.

County Clerk Mary Baack-Garvey is currently going through the process of verifying each signature.

The ban which was approved in April of 2014 prohibits smoking in all indoor places with the exception of the St. Joe Frontier Casino Floor.

St. Joseph, Mo is home to 77,000 residents over 44.77 square miles and was founded in 1843.

UPDATE 3/5/2015: For the second time the bid to over turned the smoking ban in St. Joseph has failed. According to the County Clerk the petition submitted on Tuesday only had 2,197 signatures which is should of the 2,568 needed to bring the issues back to the city council.

The group called Committee for Fairness in St. Joseph wants to change the current ban so that those 21 and over establishments can choose whether they want to allow smoking on an individual basis instead of having it mandated.


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