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This afternoon The Cigar Authority learned that Padilla cigars will no longer be distributed by Oliva Cigars effective January 15th, 2015.

In 2012, Oliva announced that it would take on both domestic and international distribution of the Padilla lines who had just announced that he was reducing the size of his portfolio.

According to Ernesto Padilla, he will be taking over the distribution of his brand and Oliva will continue to make the brands they currently produce for Padilla Cigars..

The official letter from Oliva

For the last two years we have enjoyed a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Padilla Cigars. During that time we helped reconfigure the brands s well as develop highly rated new brand extensions. It has been a unique and enjoyable venture. We learned a good deal about our capabilities and the opportunities available for joint projects such as this one. 

As wee look to 2015, Ernesto and I agreed that our companies have unique challenges as well as unique goals. As such we have agreed to continue manufacturing the Padilla brands we currently manufacture. On the distribution side, we have also agreed that the best path to our individual goals is through separate distribution.

Simply stats, Padilla Cigars will resume all distribution of its brands. The Oliva Cigar Company will manufacture cigars for Padilla on a contract basis. Effective January 15, 2015.

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