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According to the packing of the Asylum Dragon’s Milk,  “Asylum Cigars and the New Holland Brewing Company have collaborated to create this innovative blend of fine tobacco and bourbon barrel nesting, “Dragon’s Milk”. These extraordinary beauties are hand-made and aged inside hand selected  barrels to fully capture the essence of the Dragon’s Milk, Bourbon Barrel Stout. Every cigar will offer excellent body, balance and enhanced flavors.”

The stick which is a limited edition comes packaged in a milk carton and is available in one size only.

Cigar: Asylum Dragon’s Milk
Size: 7 x 52
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Finder: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full

The Look: Featuring a dual band system utilizing colors of cream and burgundy, the primary band denotes Asylum while the secondary band states New Holland Brewery. In the hand the cigar feels a little damp so I will be curious to see how it burns. The color of the wrapper is caramel and the foot of the tobacco shows offer some darker swirls. Upon closer examination the cigar feels bumpy but there are no soft spots.

The Notes: The cold draw of this infused like cigar serves up notes of cherry and a slight hoppy taste. Surprisingly the foot of the cigar offers up none of the sweetness to the nose, but rather a wheat nose. Now I don’t pretend to be a beer drinker, but if I had a beer that tasted like this introduced to me, I might of become one.

Once the cigar is lit there is a spice through the nose typical to  traditional cigar, but some of the cherry notes remain that were experienced on the cold draw. Working into the first third of the Asylum Dragon’s Milk there is a battle being waged of a traditional cigar versus a infused one. As the first third comes to a close there are notes of malt and chocolate with the slightest hint of cherry.

In the last third of the Dragon’s Milk from Asylum the cigar reminds me of beer. Does this make it a bad thing hell no, and even as a person who does not drink beer, I wish I had one to pair up while finishing this cigar. There are hoppy notes alongside traditional earthy notes. There is also some wood notes and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

The Burn: I’ll be honest I was a little worried the cigar would have a hard time burning even and staying lit based on the cigar feeling a little wet. However, that was not the case as the cigar had a solid ash although a tad flaky that held on for each third of the smoke. The draw was perfect and the burn line was exceptional.

The Finish: I am a cigar traditionalist, and I dislike flavored or infused cigars very much. However, this is a cigar that I can see myself smoking again and again. There was a battle at times between a cigar that was infused with the notes of the barrel and a cigar that had some Nicaragua characteristics. Overall, it was an interesting experience that started off in the medium body range and grew to full body in the finish.

Score: 90
Price: $14.99 Single / $339.99 Box


Asylum Dragon's Milk

Asylum Dragon’s Milk

Asylum Dragon's Milk Foot

Asylum Dragon’s Milk Foot

Asylum Dragon's Milk Burn

Asylum Dragon’s Milk Burn

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