News | Texas Proposes Statewide Smoking Ban

Over the last five years the state of Texas has had a smoking ban bill introduced into the state senate. The previous four years saw the measure defeated, but try and try again has become the mantra.

The latest attempt to pass a smoking ban comes in the form of S.B. 87. The proposal was filed in advance of the opening of the next legislative session by a Democrat from Houston. T

The proposal by State Senator Rodney Ellis seeks to ban smoking in the majority of workplaces and public places  with a few exceptions that include cigar bars and retail tobacco shop.

For the fifth year in a row, a smoking ban bill has been introduced into the Texas State Senate, as State Senator Rodney Ellis, a Democrat from Houston, has filed S.B. 87 in advance of the opening of the next legislative session.

It is believed that there doesn’t appear to be enough support currently. The proposal is below.

Texas is home to 26.5 million residents over 268,581 square miles and became the 28th state in 1845.

SB00087I by Rodney Ellis

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