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Tobacconist University Announces New Consumer Certification Program
Strengthening relationships between retailers and their customers

New Jersey, March 23, 2015: Starting in April of 2015, Tobacconist University (TU) will hand off their consumer certification program to Certified Retail Tobacconists (CRT). The University updated this program allowing certified retailers the exclusive right to administer final exams to consumers who want to become certified. TU anticipates that these changes will elevate credibility throughout the luxury tobacco industry and strengthen retailer/consumer bonds.

TU started certifying consumers in 1996, culminating in 2014, for a fee of $500. Starting in 2015, they turned that business over to their CRT, which empowers them to certify at will and charge significantly less for the service. Now consumer certification prices are determined by CRT. A current list of existing CRT and Certified Consumer Tobacconists (CCT) can be seen on the TU website.

“While facts, truth, and knowledge may not matter to many marketers, they do matter to retailers and consumers.” President and Founder, Jorge Armenteros noted. He added, “Through certification we can establish a strong foundation of knowledge which bonds consumers, media, and retailers, thereby helping to build credibility and culture for the luxury tobacco industry.”

The 2015 Media Challenge: As part of the new consumer certification process, TU is offering free CCT Certification to all industry media who sign up during the month of April. Any member of the industry media can follow the CCT process and become certified for free. Visit the TU website to GET CERTIFIED.

Headquartered in Hopewell, NJ, Tobacconist University is the nation’s leading educational resource for consumers and professional tobacconists. TU is the exclusive educational curriculum of the IPCPR.

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