Padron Family Reserve No. 96

Padron Family Reserve Natural No. 96 Cigar Review

The Padron Family Reserve Natural No. 96 is an exceptional cigar with a blend that was originally exclusive to the Padrón family to commemorate special anniversary dates. Encased in beautifully crafted ten-count boxes, this individually handcrafted series boasts a remarkable blend aged for ten years, available in both sun-grown natural and maduro wrapper variations.

The cigar exhibits a pleasing light brown color, characteristic of sun-grown tobacco, with a rough, bumpy texture and distinct veins. Its tight seams and minimal blemishes add to its appeal.

Upon lighting, the cigar presents a grassy hay flavor, swiftly transitioning into a pepper explosion on the palate. Subtle notes of cedar, leather, salt, cocoa, and nuttiness accompany the pepper, albeit with a hint of bitterness.

As the journey progresses, the nutty essence persists, accompanied by the dissipation of bitterness. Pepper remains dominant, accompanied by traces of leather, grassiness, and lingering cedar notes.

Entering the final phase, the pepper flavor retains its prominence, while leather notes intensify. Cedar undertones persist, accompanied by a noticeable increase in saltiness, culminating in a smoother, more enjoyable flavor profile.

The Padron Family Reserve Natural No. 96 impresses with its solid construction, offering excellent smoke output throughout the experience. While the cigar delivers a nice array of flavors, including pepper, leather, cedar, and nuttiness, the bitterness detracts from the complexity. Despite this, it remains a good cigar, prompting reviewers to consider revisiting it.

Overall Score: 88.63 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 5.19 out of 10

Padron Family Reserve NaturalThis blind cigar review (Cigar #8-C) was scored by a distinguished panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Mike Cokeley, Nick – Cigar Pulpit, LKOUTS, Justin F, Jim DeLuca, The Fah King, AustinDan, Mike Fox & Munch

Price: $30.50 per single, $304.99 per box of 10

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