Padron Serie 1926 TAA Exclusive No. 47

Each year the elite tobacco retailers that make up the Tobacco Association of America gather and this past spring they met in the Dominican Republic. At this mini-trade show they take part in seminars and manufacturers such as Padron offer exclusive products for members of the TAA.

This year, they released a new size of the Serie 1926 called No. 47 and it is 5.5 x 50 and being I work at a TAA retailer I decided to light one up and share my thoughts. The cigar which is available as both a Natural and Maduro retails for $18.00.

Cigar Review: Padron Serie 1926
Size: 5.5 x 50 (No. 47)
Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Source: Two Guys Smoke Shop

The Look: Padron. I could end it right there and you would know what I mean. Box pressed to perfection with a well aged wrapper loaded with a lot of tiny little bumps of magnesium. It is a cigar that stands on its own. The counterfeit protection band underneath the Serie 1926 band caps off this well rolled, firm masterpiece that begs to be smoked.

The Notes: Using a straight cut on the perfect cap, the cold draw is that of raisins, chocolate and a hint of earth. All three are equally potent and well-defined while the foot serves up some cedar notes that have a familiar warmth to them.

Once the cigar is toasted with my Lotus Venom lighter some notes of dark chocolate emerge with an espresso kicker on the backend. The cigar is so smooth and so complex as it is joined by cedar and toast that is just past perfectly done, but not yet burnt.

In the second third the cigar remains ridiculously smooth with continued notes of toast. Some cedar is introduced around the half way point of the cigar while elements of licorice come and go. The finish is slightly leather like.

The last third of the cigar combines the first two-thirds to an epic flavor bomb. Licorice, espresso, dark chocolate and toast over a canvas of earth makes this cigar complex and enjoyable.

The Burn: Ah Padron, you have never disappointed me and the streak continues. A flawless burning cigar with a super thin combustion line. The light gray ash holds for more than an inch at a time, and holds strong with no flake. The draw was a bit loose for me but it burned slow and wasn’t really noticeable. I tend to like my cigars to have a slight resistance to them. The cigar never needed to be relit and smoke time was just north of 90 minutes.

The Finish: My biggest knock on the Serie 1926 was the lack of a size that I truly loved, and the No. 47 has changed that. This 5.5 x 50 cigar is the definition of a premium cigar. Well defined complex notes, a perfect burn and sheer enjoyment make this one of the best Padron cigars smoked to date.

Score: 94
Price: $18.00

Padron Serie 1926 No 47 TAA Exclusive

Padron Serie 1926 No 47 TAA Exclusive

Padron Serie 1926 No 47 TAA Exclusive Burn

Padron Serie 1926 No 47 TAA Exclusive Burn

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