Press Release: The Cigar Authority Celebrates 13 Years With Fat Fingers

The Cigar Authority, a weekly cigar podcast which began in 2010 celebrated its 13th Anniversary today with some great cigars, cake, and a discussion of the past, present, and future of the popular cigar show. With almost 700 episodes under their belt, co-host and show creator David Garofalo announced the shows 2nd limited edition cigar is to be released immediately.

Last year for the 12th Anniversary it was a box of 12 Dominican Lancero cigars to celebrate. “We had a lot of fun with that cigar” complained Garofalo, as the slender Lancero cigar made his fingers look fat when holding the cigar. This year to compensate, The Cigar Authority announced the release of their 13th Anniversary Cigar called Fat Fingers, a cigar measuring 4.5” long with a ring gauge of 60 in the form of a Double-Figurado that turns out, resembles Garofalo’s Fat Fingers.

What makes this release even more special is the packaging. Fat fingers are sold in gloves. The cigars are inserted into the fingers of the gloves and sold as a single glove (the Michael Jackson version) for $59.99 or a pair of gloves for $99.99 and each glove has The Cigar Authority Fat Fingers 2023 printed on them.

It’s another fun project that our loyal fans will like.” said Mr. Jonathan, co host of the show almost from the beginning “besides a brief time away, I have been there since the beginning. The show is fun, and coming up with fun things to create like Fat Fingers certainly keeps things interesting.

The blend is an aged Nicaraguan base with an Ecuador Habano wrapper and more my style.” announced Barry Stein who also co-hosts the show, “I think our fans will like this cigar.

The producer of the podcast is Ed Sullivan who said “The size and shape of this cigar is ridiculous and so is the logo on the glove, I love it.”

Just 300 pairs of The Cigar Authority Fat Finger Cigars are available only at

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