Sobremesa Brulee Double Corona Cigar Review

A few weeks ago we were joined by Steve Saka on The Cigar Authority Podcast and during The After Show he talked about this new size of Sobremesa Brulee. He gave us one to smoke that day and asked we wait to receive the actual release before reviewing it. Well that time has come as the cigars are now available.

Cigar Review: Sobremesa Brulee
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Matacapan Negro de Temporal
Filler: Nicaraguan Gk Condega C-SG Seco; Nicaraguan Pueblo Nuevo Criollo Viso; Nicaraguan La Joya Esteli C-98 Viso; Nicaraguan ASP Esteli Hybrid Ligero
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 54
Size: Double Corona

The Look: Packaged in 13 count boxes the packaging is the same as the original Sobremesa line with the only difference being the burnt in cliche of the sizes which feature the words Brulee. Inside the cigars feature the familiar band which looks like the top of a steam vent or Imperial Margarine and a foot band that denotes Sobremesa. The cigar I picked out for todays review features a perfect wrapper that is nearly blonde in appearance. In the hand the cigar is firm to the touch and it feel fairly light in the hand for it’s size.

The Notes: With COVID-19 the talk of the town I am always worried that I will take a cold draw and taste nothing with the loss of taste and smell being considered a symptom for many. Thankfully I appear to be COVID-19 free. Once the cap is clipped there is slightly bitter component with a hint burnt sugar. The foot of the cigar is a bit sweeter then the cold draw with a hint of warm melted butter. After we toast the cigar the initial tase is a well defined cinnamon.

As we slide into the first third of the Sobremesa Brulee there are notes of cinnamon, butter and earth. The retrohale has and abundance of pepper bordering on jalapeño and the finish of the cigar is relatively short which I want to a shade grown cigar. .

The second third sees the buttery notes begin to pull back considerably as notes of earth become dominant palate along with a touch of nuttiness. The finish begins to grow in duration, and the retrohale still has a touch of jalapeño alongside of cedar.

As the cigar comes to a close earth still remains the focal point of the cigar with a touch of licorice that is especially noticed on the finish of the cigar.  The retrohale serves up a touch of black pepper and a touch of cedar.

The Finish: There is a debate a to wether or not the cigar had some “sweetness” added to it. Saka has said that isn’t the case but I still like to bust his balls about it when I see him. I will say this, this size of the Sobremesa Brulee does not have that sweetness that was so dominant in the first release and I now want to go back to the other sizes to see if that has changed as well. Regardless the Double Corona changes things up with a stronger profile while remaining flavorful and balanced.

Score: 92
Price: $13.99 / $154.99

Sobremesa Brulee Double Corona

Sobremesa Brulee Double Corona Foot

Sobremesa Brulee Double Corona Burn

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