Rep. Kathy Castor To Introduce Bill Allowing Cigars For Troops

As members of the House of Representatives return to work this week, Representative Kathy Castor, a Democrat from Tampa, Florida is set to introduce a bill that will provide an exemption for donating cigars to members of the military.

The bill which was reported first on Saturday during the live broadcast of The Cigar Authority was confirmed by Glynn Loope of Cigar Rights of America.

Since the FDA Regulations were announced, the hands of manufacturers were tied in their charitable donations of cigars to members of the US Military. Many of which send in countless requests to groups like Cigars For Warriors. While many donations continue to come in legally from consumers, manufactures and retailers who make up the bulk of contributions have been unable to contribute cigars. Under the draconian regulations of the FDA sampling of any kind was deemed illegal, even to those who risk their lives to defend the cost of freedom abroad.

Once the bill is introduced when the session resumes, we will be sure to post the details here on The Cigar Authority.



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