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Originally distributed by the now defunct Cigar Agency once owned by Victor Vitale, La Mezcla Cubana translates to The Cuban Mix in Spanish. The cigar is available in three wrappers, Natural, Maduro and Sungrown with today’s wrapper choice being selected by a coworker. I’ll be honest, heading into this review I know very little about the cigar or what to expect.

An interesting note is the label on the box of cigars has braille on it and my memory can’t think of another brand to utilize this.

Cigar: La Mezcla Cubana
Size: 6.25 x 54 (Crowned King)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Natural
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Mild

The Look: Looking at the band that adorns the cigar for some reason reminds me of the Aztec Indians. The wrapper that adorns the La Mezcla Cubana is golden in color. There are some veins present and a fair amount of oils. But as we know from past experiences looks can be deceiving. In the hand the cigar it

The Notes: The cold draw of the La Mezcla Cubana  serves up a some caramel sweetness with a hint of buttery richness. The nose of the cigar serves up the aroma of buttery goodness. On the initial light the cigar comes off as incredibly smooth with hints of butter and caramel.

As we smoke our way into the first third of the cigar a note of lightly toasted bread develops that almost absorbs the buttery note that remains. There is a nut note present as well that grows as the cigar moves further along .

In the second third of this epic flavor bomb the La Mezcla Cubana continues to have a buttery richness, with some hints of toast. A slight citrus note is introduced almost making this the perfect cigar to have for breakfast. Around the half way point the cigar changes with the toast becoming more dominant and the focal point of the stick. The buttery sweetness begins to fade and the citrus has left the building.

In the last third the cigar it becomes caramel with notes of apricot that is especially event on the aroma of the cigar.

The Burn: The cigar isn’t the perfect specimen when it comes to the burn. While it never needed to be touched up it did get a little ugly from time t time. The ash was solid and held for a long period of time but the burn looked like seismic activity during an earthquake. The draw was perfect with the right amount of resistance.

The Finish: The first two third of this cigar were a flavor bomb right in my personal wheel house while the last third had a moment or two of glory it didn’t match the epic nature of the first two-thirds. I will say this though, the cigar caught me off guard and is something I plan to add to my regular rotation especially on the drive into work.

Score: 91
Price: $5.99


La Mezcla Cubana

La Mezcla Cubana

La Mezcla Cubana Foot

La Mezcla Cubana Foot


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