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Today I wanted to get back to my roots. While the first cigar I ever had was a Macanudo Robust, I didn’t consider myself a real cigar lover until my business associate gave me a Padron to try. In fact for a period of about a year, 95% of what I smoked was the Padron 2000 or 3000. That all changed when I decided to blog, and I went from being brand loyal, to look for the next best thing in 1998.

The company is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year as I enter my 16th year of enjoying a cigar, so what better time to revisit where it all began in a little shop located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Cigar: Padron
Wrapper: Natural Sun-Grown (Aged 2.5 Years)
Binder: Nicaragua (Aged 2.5 Years)
Filler: Nicaragua (Aged 2.5 Years)
Strength: Medium

The Look: The Padron Series won’t win a beauty contest thats for sure. The porous rolled features a poorly placed double cap. But if Padron has taught us one thing, is that looks can be deceiving. The classic brown and white band has a Cuban like feel to it, and this box pressed cigar is an icon of the industry. There are minimal oils visible on the wrapper and the cigar is well packed with an average weight.

The Notes: The Padron 2000 Natural when cut has a cold draw of molasses, fig and raisins. There is a little bit of each going on, and in fact it reminds me very much of a Fig Newton. The nose off the foot of the cigar mimics that of the cold draw and both are enticing to say the least. Once the cigar is lit, there is a bit of spice that suppresses the sweetness experienced before bringing flame to the cigar.

As we smoke into the first third of the cigar, and the spice of the initial light begins to pull back the sweetness emerges from the cold draw. About 1/4 of an inch in some raisin notes develop before being joined by caramel notes. As the first third comes to the close some wood joins the mix.

As we progress through the second third of the Padron 2000 the wood becomes more dominant with a mix of nuts and some pepper is introduced back into the fold with a touch of raisin on the finish.

Entering the last third of the Padron 2000, the sweetness of the cold draw is engaged in a battle with wood notes as two fight for dominance with the sweetness winning out on the finish. Caramel, raisins and a hint of fig dance on the palate and linger just long enough to reach satisfaction.

The Burn: The Padron 2000 smokes like a Padron. There is really no other way to describe it, the king of box press cigars gets it right time and time again. From a razor-sharp burn line, to the impeccable draw the construction is flawless. The medium gray ash hold for an inch with no flake and the cigar stay lit from first pull to last puff.

The Finish: Padron played a big part in my becoming a cigar smoker, and revisiting the cigar that really started it all 16 years later brings back memories of watching the Yankees in a shop that will always be a part of me. I can honestly say that every cigar connoisseur needs to smoke Padron regardless of the line.

Score: 92
Price: $5.20 Single / $134.99 Box of 26

Padron 2000 Natural

Padron 2000 Natural

Padron 2000 Natural Foot

Padron 2000 Natural Foot

Padron 2000 Natura Burn

Padron 2000 Natura Burn

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