Rojas Bluebonnets Corona Gorda Cigar Review

Noel Rojas is based out of Texas but it comes by way of Cuba having left his homeland to follow the American Dream. Living in Miami, Noel and I struck up a friendship with both of us struggling with each others language but finding a common bond of cigars. Today he is currently making his cigars with Tabacalera Flor de San Luis S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua. Rumor has it he is currently renovating a building in Esteli to open his own factory and further control his own destiny.

Cigar Review: Rojas Statement
Wrapper: Ecuador Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 46
Size: Corona Gorda

The Look: Packaged in brindle looking boxes of wood these stand out on the shelves with a distinct look. Inside 20 cigars sit with dual band, the first showcasing the stylish logo of Rojas and a secondary thin band denoting the line, Statement. Featuring a Corojo wrapper from Ecuador that is oily with a minimal vein structure and the cigar is finished off with a closed foot. In the hand the cigar is firm with no voids of tobacco and hefty weight due to the densely packed cigar that has a perfect draw.

The Notes: Hello Bazooka Joe! The cold draw simply reminds me of the old school bumble gum complete with the powder coating. The foot of the cigar is subtly sweet but nothing of note stands out enough to make the call on a particular component. As we put fire to the foot of the cigar the initial notes sweet with a burst of pepper that awakens the senses.

As we smoke the first third of the Rojas Bluebonnets, the notes of pepper begin to pull back some as licorice becomes the dominant flavor profile with a subtle cherry sweetness in the background. The retrohale adds a slight peat to the mix that almost gets lost in the abundance of pepper while the finish of the cigar has some coffee. The first third is extremely complex and thoroughly enjoyable.

As we move into the second third the licorice notes become more identifiable with the coffee of the finish making it firmly on the palate by the half way point. The cherry sweetness becomes more of a berry sweetness, but it serves as an after thought, with a subtle salt & pepper on the finish. The retrohale enhances the coffee notes and adds black pepper to mix.

The last third sees notes of coffee remain dominant with a hint of pecans that grows in intensity as the cigar heads to its nub with a creamy finish. The retrohale continues to see black pepper, which becomes dominant and touches of coffee add to the long finish of this tasty cigar.

The Finish: Balanced and complex from first to last puff the Rojas Bluebonnets fires on all cylinders. While the cigar might lack the strength and spice of your pro-typical boutique Nicaraguan cigar, the cigar still comes across as medium with full flavor. The future is bright for Rojas and this cigar is definitely box worthy.

Score: 93
Price: $9.99 / $179.99


Rojas Bluebonnets Corona Gorda

Rojas Bluebonnets Corona Gorda Foot

Rojas Bluebonnets Corona Gorda Burn

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