ST Dupont Announces Limited Edition Phoenix Renaissance

One might almost believe that the mythological Phoenix has been watching over S.T. Dupont ever since it was founded in 1872. It offered its wings to the master goldsmiths to adorn their hallmark and instilled in them a fervent love for fire that was transformed into an art.


The “Phoenix Renaissance” Limited Edition is inspired by the legendary journey of the firebird that returns to the temple of Heliopolis, after being reborn. This collection, on the theme of revival, superbly illustrates the endlessly renewed inspiration of the House craftsmen, who express themselves by combining ancient techniques in the creation of a unique red flamed natural lacquer adorned with smoky and fiery nuances.

The gold-toned reflections of the natural lacquer are enhanced by gold-finished inserts, hand-sculpted individually in the effigy of the Phoenix and adorned with two precious citrine stones. The majestic hand-sculpted Phoenix statue is mounted on a flamed lacquered stand with gold finishes. The bird carries the 2016 majestic pieces created for this collection.

The refinement of S.T. Dupont writing instruments is reflected in every detail, from the elegant Phoenix hand-sculpted in bronze with a gold finish to the engraved yellow-gold rings setting off the flame-red natural lacquer. A precious 0.37 carat citrine stone adorns the pen’s flexible clip. The exceptional lighter of the collection splendidly represents the Phoenix with its majestic wings and clasping to its heart, a flamboyant precious 0.75 carat citrine stone. Each item in this collection is limited to 2016 pieces.

This Edition limited to 30 numbered pieces amplifies the authority of the “Phoenix Renaissance” writing instrument and lighter. Destined for the most astute connoisseurs, it is superbly presented in a triptych case hand-finished in black lacquer with the symbol of the Phoenix to enter the universe of the firebird.

This collection, limited to 2016 numbered pieces each, evokes the night sky through which the Phoenix flies to carry the remains of its father to the sun temple of Heliopolis. These premium pieces are distinguished by their smoky grey-black natural lacquer sprinkled with meteorite dust and highlighted with finely engraved details with palladium finishes.

Fashioned in the Line D Diamond leather with smoky effects featured throughout the entire collection, the Premium Organizer and Conference Pad are decorated with a palladium-finished Phoenix medallion. The Premium Cufflinks present a superbly elegant way of showing the universal symbol of the Phoenix’s rebirth.

This creation is the apotheosis of the “Phoenix Renaissance” Limited Edition. The fascinating smoky violet-black natural lacquer developed for this range seems to vibrate in harmony with an individually hand-sculpted Phoenix, plated with precious platinum. Each exceptional piece is magnificently embellished with a 0.45 carat diamond solitaire and glorified with a lacquered stand with a platinum-finish Phoenix sculpture. This edition is produced as a special order of only 10 numbered pieces.

This sumptuous lighter, encased in smoky violet-black natural lacquer, is decorated with embellishments richly finished with platinum. Its body, with its chiaroscuro effect, appears to be enfolded in the wings of an individually hand-sculpted Phoenix that clasps to its heart a 0.45 carat white diamond solitaire. This edition is produced as a special order of only 10
numbered pieces.

About S.T.Dupont
For nearly 145 years, S.T.Dupont master goldsmiths and silversmiths, lacquerers and trunk-makers have created unique and durable objects that are entirely crafted by hand and made in France for exceptional individuals. This legendary and unique know-how, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit true to founder Simon Tissot Dupont, contribute to perpetuating the international aura and recognition of a House that embodies Fine French Craftsmanship. It is with great pride that S.T.Dupont preserves the know-how of its master craftsmen, who are heirs to skills passed down from generation to generation.

Collector Phoenix Prestige

Collector Phoenix Prestige

Phoenix Prestige

Phoenix Prestige

Phoenix Smoking Kit

Phoenix Smoking Kit

Phoenix Writing Kit Diamond

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