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ADVentura La Llarona

ADVentura La Llarona Cigar Review

ADVentura La Llarona Corona draws inspiration from the haunting tale of La Llorona, a vengeful spirit whose presence evokes both fear and fascination. As one delves into this cigar, they embark on a journey akin to encountering the enigmatic specter herself. Wrapped in a San Andres wrapper, the cigar presents itself with a captivating allure. Its tan hue, coupled with an oily sheen, hints at the complexity that lies within. Adorned with thick veins and […]

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Cigar experiences

What Cigar Experiences Haunt Us? – The Ash Holes

This week on the Ash Holes, we talk about what cigar experiences haunt us! We are lighting up the Adventura La Llarona Corona, while we share some of their worst cigar experiences that still haunt us to this day. What made them so bad? And how can you avoid them in the future. We also have a Dave’s Weekly 6 Pack and our Top 5 list. Join David Garofalo, Ed Sullivan, and Dan Davison as […]

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VODCast: Recapping The Cigar Expo

This week on The Cigar Authority, we recap the New England Cigar Expo. The surprise was revealed to be Bill Burr, hear what he thought of the show! We’ll also have Henderson Ventura on from Adventura Cigars. In the first hour we light up an Adventura Barbosa. Join Mr. Jonathan, David Garofalo and Ed Sullivan as we light up cigars and talk about them. The Cigar Authority is a member of the United Podcast Network […]

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VODCast: The Next Big Thing in Cigars

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… The next generation of cigar makers and cigar-lebrities. It’s the changing of the guards – Who are the next players in the Cigar Industry? We will light up the Adventura Queens Pearl from the care package in the first hour while in the second hour we will smoke a cigar from Freud both of which were made at […]

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Cigar Review: ADVentura La Llorona Robusto

Every year the cigar industry gets together at the annual PCA trade show. This year in Las Vegas, manufacturers were showing off new releases that would grace the shelves of tobacconists around the world. This year ADVentura showed off a few new releases including La Llorona which the buyer for,  Ed Santamaria called one of the best cigars he smoked for the first time at the show. He came back raving about it. La Llorona […]

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Cigar Review: ADVentura King’s Gold Corona

On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, our own David Garofalo had a chance to visit the factory where ADVentura Cigars are made. During the trip, sample after sample left him in awe of what the factory was doing. We even smoked the ADVentura King’s Gold on a recent episode of The Cigar Authority where both Ed Sullivan and I (Barry) were definitely intrigued. Now that the cigar has landed to us I decided […]

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Cigar Review: ADVentura The Conqueror Emperor Lancero

ADVentura The Conqueror Emperor’s Edition is a limited edition lancero, that is limited to just 500 boxes with only 350 of them going to the United States. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the cigar sees the Ligero tobacco used in the regular release replaced by a lower priming Viso which helps not only with the burn, but it imparts a flavor perfect for this vitola. The tobacco’s using in this blend are aged 4-5 years […]

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