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Media | You’ve Got Mail – The Cuban Fallout

Following the Shocking Conclusion of David’s trip to Cuba the mail call was working overtime. The amount of letters we received were on an epic level. Today we go through some of those emails in a Rapid Fire Highlight segment. We are also joined by Jarrid Trudeau from Kristoff Cigars where we talk a little about Kristoff, and play a little Total Recall with Jarrid who allegedly has one of those memories where he can […]

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Editorial | Dave’s Trip To Cuba – Day Five

Day 5 Today we will take a walk to Old Havana Square. We met in the Hotel lobby to start our day. As we approach the area I notice the streets are crowded with people dancing in the street. The streets are paved with what looks like bricks but a closer look shows they are not bricks but wood blocks stained with brick color. In the town square the road turns to a circle with […]

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Editorial | Dave’s Trip To Cuba (Legally) – Day Three

Trip to Cuba – Day 3 I got up in plenty of time for breakfast and decided not to go off on my own in this city. I took the opportunity to talk with the waitress a bit because she spoke better English than I did Spanish. She seemed happy and said so… she liked her life in Cuba and the closeness with her family and neighbors. Although she had never been to the United […]

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