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VODCast: The Big Are Getting Smaller

In Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver was held captive by the people of Lilliput before he reached an agreement with the King where he would be permitted to roam free as long as he didn’t hurt the small people of the Island. Eventually he was charged with Treason before escaping. One could look at this tale and draw similarities to the Cigar Industry. The big companies are out to hurt the little companies, but have those small […]

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JFR Lunatic Loco Perfecto Loquito Cigar Review

Aganorsa Leaf has added three unique perfecto sizes to the JFR Lunatic brand. The sub-brand is known as Lunatic Loco and it consists of three Nicaraguan perfectos featuring shade-grown Corojo Maduro wrapper grown in Jalapa. According to Max Fernandez of Aganorsa Leaf,  “Some have told us that growing Maduro capa like this is in Nicaragua is impossible and unrewarding. I guess you can call us crazy because we believed we could create a Maduro unlike […]

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Day 4 IPCPR 2019: Terence Reilly of Aganorsa Leaf

On the last day of IPCPR hoarse voices seems be the trend. Here were catch up with Terence Reilly who tells us what Shade Grown Maduro is and how it was a process 20 years in the making. The company shows off some of its Shade Grown Corona Maduro lines including Aganorsa Leaf Signature Maduro which features Medio Tiempo tobacco in the filler. He also shows up Lunatic Loco which is a fat perfecto shaped […]

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