2024 Meatball Live

The 2024 Meatball Live

This week, it”s The Cigar Authority Meatball Live! If you’re a first-timer, brace yourself for the 6th annual Meatball Cookoff, where five talented contestants create 50 mouthwatering meatballs each.

Picture this: 50 attendees savoring all five creations without a clue about who crafted each meatball. It’s a thrilling blind taste test, and only those who purchased tickets get to cast their votes for their favorite meatball. The contestant with the most votes not only clinches the coveted trophy but also earns the ultimate bragging rights. Simple, right? Or is it?

Join us on WEDNESDAY Jan 31, 2024 at 6:30pm EST as we dive into the culinary showdown of the year.

Meet the 2024 Meatball Contenders:

1. Bernie DiFloures – Representing Jose Dominguez Cigars, Bernie, the reigning meatball champion, brings his culinary expertise as a former restaurant owner, photographer, and computer I.T. specialist.

2. The Store Bought Meatball – Representing Market Basket, this wild card entry introduces a frozen meatball from the grocery store. Could it be the dark horse of the competition?

3. Dina Matsas – Representing YAYA Cigars, Dina plays for the women and ladies of the leaf worldwide. With a love for fine cigars, she’s set to make a mark in the meatball arena.

4. Mr. Jonathan – Representing Abuelo Cigars, Mr. Jonathan has been a formidable competitor since the competition’s inception five years ago. He’s determined to secure a win this time around.

5. Jeff O’Brien – Representing Dos Hombre Cigars, Jeff, Mr. Jonathan’s roommate, is confident he can outdo his companion and possibly take home the grand prize. Despite not being a cigar smoker, he’s ready to prove himself in the kitchen.

Get ready to savor an evening filled with culinary delights, friendly competition, and the unveiling of the Cigar Authority Meatball 2024 champion. Don’t miss the special Cigar Authority show LIVE on Wednesday night at 6:30pm EST!

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