The Cigar Authority Podcast Releases a Book for Cigar Lovers

The Cigar Authority is a podcast about premium cigars that first began in 2010.  Currently the number one listened to podcast about cigars in the world.  David Garofalo began the show and along with his co-hosts Mr. Jonathan, Barry Stein and Ed Sullivan have consistently preached the word of cigars across the globe.  

I thought it would be a fun collaboration to compile a cookbook with cigar makers, family, friends, and listeners of the show and do it for a good cause” said Garofalo.  

Believe it or not, food is the number one topic discussed in cigar lounges, which restaurants are good or bad, what should you get when you go there, what you ate yesterday, and even what you cooked. The Cigar Authority thought a Cookbook was perfect for the cigar smoking audience, and it has been published and is available now.  

To make it even more special, The Cigar Authority will donate 100% of the profits from this book to charity.  Ironstone Farm, 

Ironstone Farm has helped thousands of children and adults by combining several therapies into one highly effective experience. Top doctors and medical institutions refer clients to Ironstone because of its success. Children with special needs learn to walk. People who did not speak before – including those on the autism spectrum – begin speaking. Additional therapeutic programs improve the lives of others, such as veterans who have experienced trauma, survivors of cancer, teens at risk, young adults with special needs who can benefit from learning life skills, and elders with memory issues.

The Cigar Authority Cookbook is 140 pages and includes some of the biggest names in the cigar industry with recipes from appetizers, cocktails, main courses, and desserts.  It includes full color pictures of the finished dishes, and each dish is paired with the prefect premium cigar.  

The Cigar Authority Cookbook is available on,,, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores and online bookstores now.  

Tune in to The Cigar Authority, broadcast live every Saturday at noon (eastern) at Studio 21 Podcast Café located at 304 South Broadway, Salem, New Hampshire, or catch the podcast anytime on-demand on your favorite podcast catcher on by video on YouTube, Odysee, and Facebook.    

For further information contact The Cigar Authority on the contact us tab of   

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