These Beatles don’t want to hold your hand…they eat cigars

The summer is here and it’s getting hot…you might be able to bear through it but your cigar can’t and shouldn’t.  You know that your cigars should be kept at 70% humidity, actually between 60% and 72% is just fine.  But you also know that your cigars should be kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less right?

It will be tough to keep your humidity down to 70% if the temperature goes much above 70 degrees, it’s relative to the temperature and the temperature is relative to the humidity.   But soggy over humidified cigars are not all you will get if you let the temperature of your stogies get to warm, what comes next is the worst.

Lasioderma Serricorne, better known as the cigar beetle are hatched from microscopic eggs found on the tobacco leaves that your cigars and all leafy fruits and vegetables are made of.  Extreme temperatures of 80 degrees and over allow the eggs to hatch and the cigar beetles are born. 

These beetles don’t play pop hits from the 60’s, they eat the cigars, from the inside out and the outside in.  They infiltrate your humidors and ruin your cigars.  They can be frozen to death; the better cure is to not let them hatch in the first place.

Keep.  your cigars cool and bug free Remember 70/70….70 percent humidity and 70 degrees or less…not much more.  Keep the cigar humidor is a cool moist basement if you have too.  If you can’t keep your humidor cool, then buy cigars as needed at your local store.  If you go into a hot cigar shop you might consider buying your cigars somewhere else.  If you buy on-line, are you sure they are keeping the cigars cool and insect free?  If they aren’t, when you add those cigars to your other cigars before you know it, all your cigars will be harmed.  Stay cool my friends this summer and keep those cigars beetle free!

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