Toscano Announces Line Expansion Extra Vecchio

Because the high consumer demand, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano has made the decision to make the Toscano Extravecchio available to retail locations nationwide, starting April 1, 2022. 

Toscano Extravecchio is a cigar that represents more than half a century of history and celebrates the hard work of those who have dedicated themselves to the production of the best wrapper of Kentucky seed tobacco in Valtiberina, Tuscany.

Toscano Extravecchio cigar owes much of its special taste to a careful selection of the finest Italian tobaccos, rich in oils and intense color, as well as a  heavy filler of Tuscan origin, rounded off with a portion of tobacco from the Lazio area of Pontecorvo, which traditionally produces a very strong profile and finished  with a small portion of Kentucky seed  tobacco from North America.

The incisive character of this blend of tobacco requires a long fermentation process which  gives the cigar a rounder character that dilutes some of its “angularities”.

When smoked, the cigar passionado immediately perceives its full, strong and satisfying taste. The blend of “heavy” fillers and use of leaves from higher positioning on the plant produces a cigar of considerable strength and impact, which enhances its smoky and spicy characteristics.



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