Cigar Review: The Cigar Authority 12th Anniversary Cigar

If you think of David Garofalo you know the Lancero is his least favorite size because the cigar just doesn’t sell. Yet, he decided to release a cigar to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the longest running cigar podcast in that format.

Starting on April 1st, 2010 the cigar authority was started by David Garofalo despite not really understand what a podcast was. In the early days it was himself, chef Tommy Grella and Mr. Jonathan. Eventually Tommy Grella would leave and Mr. Jonathan would quit before coming back into the fold. Today, the podcast continues weekly with David Garofalo in the hosting seat, Mr. Jonathan and Barry Stein who became a cast member in 2015. Today, Ed Sullivan sits in the producer chair for the last 5 years after replacing Gentleman Chuck Morrison.

On the weekend of April 1 through April 3 the podcast hosted a weekend celebration with some of their top fans, that I am still recovering from. The cigar was released to rave reviews by those in attendance and after being asked some of those in attendance, I share a more formal review.

Cigar Review: The Cigar Authority 12th Anniversary
Wrapper: San Andres
Binder: Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Republic (including Dominican grown Broadleaf)
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 38
Size: Lancero

The Look: The release is in 3 different colored boxes (red, yellow & box) that consist of 12 cigars. Made in the Dominican Republic the cigar features a pigtail cap with a band featuring show mascot Bruno the Cowbell. The San Andres wrapper that adorns the cigar has some thin veins to subtle sheen. There are no voids of tobacco on the 7″ cigar that has foot band that varies based on the box color.

The Notes: On the show Saturday, Mr. J said fruit stripe bubblegum, and he nailed it. Specifically, the orange fruit stripe bubble gum along with a hint of honey. Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a flavored cigar, nor is it sweet tipped. But the tobaccos create a cold draw flavor that has a nice amount of citrus and sweetness. The foot of the cigar reminds me of a pretzel from a street vendor on a cold winter day with a touch of black pepper that brings to be the edge of a sneeze.

Once we get into the first third notes of coffee, mocha, nuts and subtle licorice make this a mouthwatering tasty cigar. The four notes all work well together and trying to identify which is dominant isn’t really feasible since they all create this mouthwatering masterpiece. The retrohale has a sweetness to it along with some red pepper and cedar.

The second half sees cedar notes become dominant with continued coffee and nuts. There is a subtle salty component as well and pepper on the finish The cigar is smooth, medium in perceived strength and incredibly well balanced. The retrohale continues to show some subtle sweetness to it along with some toast and red pepper. The cigar has a moderate finish in terms of length that has some cedar elements to it.

The last third sees the cigar remain incredibly smooth and balanced with a nice amount of complexity to it. A nougat taste begins to develop with coffee beans, nuts and cedar. The retrohale holds on to some sweetness, but the red pepper becomes dominant with some cedar mixed in to the aroma as well.

The Finish: People ask why Lancero’s don’t sell and there are a variety of reasons. One is that consumers feel the size doesn’t look “manly” enough, while another is the perceived value. The thinner cigar usually costs more than a more traditional shape. While others might be like me and love the flavors from the size but have been burned with draw issues, or the cigar needing too much attention to keep lit. But every now and then you come across a lancero that has a perfect burn, has a nice smoke output and stays lit throughout. Then when you get one that is smooth, and balanced with a lot of flavor it checks every single box. That’s the case with our 12th Anniversary cigar. It’s near perfect, and once you smoke one you’ll see thats that honest review.

Score: 93
Price: $12.00 / $112.00 (one box) / $199.99 (two boxes) / $259.99 (three boxes)


TCA 12th Anniversary Cigar

TCA 12th Anniversary Foot

TCA 12th Anniversary Burn


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