Toscano Announces Long Awaited Release of Duecento in the United States

Not many businesses can enjoy the opportunity to celebrate a 200-year storied tradition. Manifatture Sigaro Toscano did it in 2018. To celebrate this momentous milestone, MST launched an extraordinary product: TOSCANO® Duecento.

The cigar, two hundred millimeters in length, signifies two hundred years of tradition and Italian craftsmanship, wrapped in the smoke spires of a commemorative cigar, embraced and warmed by the skillful burn that only the cigar rollers in MST’s Lucca factory can create.

After a successful launch in Italy and in Europe in 2018, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano took the decision to launch this unique product in the United States of America.
Each Toscano Duecento is carefully crafted by the hands of the most experienced Cigar Rollers, with an exceptional dimension: a North American Kentucky seed leaf wrapper bolstering a length of 200 mm (7 ¾”) with a 46-ring gauge!

The wide belly design consists of a blended medium filler of Italian and North American Kentucky seed Tobacco. This composition affords an opportunity to experience the “best of both worlds”. The dimensions of the Toscano Duecento provides our consumers an appreciation of the progressive evolution of the cigar and its many facets.

Finally, a long-controlled seasoning throughout each phase of the cigar slowly refines its organoleptic characteristics.

Smoking the Toscano Duecento will bring forth a satisfying taste and decisive aromaticity, making the smoking experience flavorful and enjoyable.
In the first third, balanced and even features stand out and quickly evolve throughout the second third into a more intense and full-bodied smoke, allowing the North American Kentucky seed tobacco to stand out with its smoky, roasted, taste. The last third shows all of the Toscano’s full-bodied attitude, where the smoke becomes especially strong and spicy with rustic notes ruling the experience.

The word “Duecento” in Italian translates to “200”. 200 years or excellence, craftsmanship and premium quality. There is no better way to celebrate such a storied tradition as Toscano cigars than by creating a 200mm cigar, rolled with the best tobacco, by the most experienced cigars rollers in the Lucca factory.

About Manifatture Sigaro Toscano:
There is an Italy that deserves to be well-known and appreciated worldwide: the Italy of culture and of reinventing traditions over time. It’s the Italy found in every Toscano cigar. Toscano cigars are noble symbols of Italian quality which Manifatture Sigaro Toscano wants to export globally. At MST we are confident that the uniqueness of our product can be appreciated far beyond Italian borders.

  • Sales Management office is based at the company’s headquarters in Rome, Italy
  • Factories: Lucca, Cava de’ Tirreni and Foiano della Chiana, the company’s agronomic development and tobacco receiving centre
  • Farm: Villa Toscano USA in Cedar Hill, Robertson County (TN)

Toscano cigar is an example of Italian craftsmanship, unique because:

  • it uses only Kentucky seed Fire Cured tobacco
  • it has a full flavor thanks to our special fermentation technique
  • it undergoes a long aging period
  • It has a unique, truncated-cone shape
  • The growing fields where tobacco can be found throughout the Italian Peninsula are in Lazio, Veneto, Campania, Toscana, Umbria. In the United States, our tobacco is found in our fields in Tennessee.


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