Toscano Toscanello Macchiato Cigar Review

Back on  January 18th, 2020 we welcomed Michael Cappellini the Brand Ambassador to The Cigar Authority. The day started off under unusual circumstances when my wife and I took Michael and his girlfriend out to breakfast at a great Italian marketplace. Sadly, that place wasn’t offering its best representation that day as the regular chef sliced off his finger the day before and his apprentice was trying to cater to a full seating area on a Saturday morning. My Uova Tartufo (Eggs Benedict) wasn’t the highlight of the day, the cigar I am reviewing today was the highlight as Michael gave us a cigar to try before the show.

Cigar Review: Toscano Toscanello Macchiato
Wrapper: Italian Kentucky
Binder: None
Fillers: Italian & Foreign Kentucky
Length: 3 1/8″
Ring Gauge: 36

The Look: The Toscanello cigars from Toscano come in a variety of blends including the natural Toscanello and Especiale along with “flavored” blends of Anice, Caffe, Ciaccolato, Grappa, Vaniglia and today’s Macchiato. Packaged in 5 count cardboard boxes or sleeves of 10 (50 cigars), the cigar has a cone shape to it like a smaller version of a hand rolled sushi roll. The wrappers are wrinkly, and coarse under the finger but there is a subtle amount of oil present as well.

The Notes: The aroma and cold draw off the cigar has a subtle cocoa and coffee taste to it as one would expect. Once the cigar is lit an intensified version of the cold draw envelopes the palate. Unlike other version of Toscano cigars the fire-cured taste is virtually nonexistent which creates a new unique experience. Yes, the cigar is flavored so it has a distinct although subtleness to it. The flavorings don’t come off as botanical like some cigars in this category.

The tip of the Toscanello Machiatto is sweetened and credit has been given to the blender at Toscano for coming up with the idea. Cocoa and Coffee are the distinct notes here on the palate and the aroma that fills the room for the duration of the cigar.

The Finish: Toscano Machiatto has become a favorite of my wife who often fires one up with me when we are enjoying an adult beverage. Speaking of adult beverage if you ever had a baby Guinness shot consisting of Bailey’s and Patron XO Cafe you would see the similarity in flavors with this smoke. As for the cigars, these are a no brainer to keep in the car or on the counter as they require no humidification. It’s one of those guilty pleasures in my life as I find myself smoking these on a semi-regular basis almost as much as my significant other.

Score: 92
Price: $14.99 (5 pack) / $138.99 (Sleeve of 10 packs/50 cigars)

Toscano Toscanello Macchiato

Toscano Toscanello Macchiato Box

Toscano Toscanello Macchiato Foot

Toscano Toscanello Macchiato Burn


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