VODCast: Who Had the Tastiest Balls? Dos Hombre Day, Football and More!

Today we start the month of February with a cigar from the care package. As we smoke the Dos Hombres Honduran Cabinet we tell you about the history of the cigar on the 2nd day of the 2nd month, which is our book makes is Dos Hombres Day!

If you follow us on Social Media you noticed that we were all creating balls of pleasure for the 1st Annual Meat Ball that pitted David Garofalo, Mr. Jonathan, Ed Sullivan, Barry Stein”elli” and Steve Saka against each other to see who would have the tastiest balls. Well the results are in, and we will share with you the winner as voted on by those who attended the Meat Ball.

In the second hour we will talk a little football, and I mean a little football. Because outside of Barry I don’t think we have many sports fans on the panel. We all know Jonathan likes a Tight End, but we will relay our picks for the game while smoking the La Flor Dominicana Football Special Edition 2019.

The Cigar Authority is a member of the United Podcast Network and is recorded live in front of a studio audience at Studio 21 Podcast Cafe upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, NH and as always you can find many of the cigars we discuss at https://www.2GuysCigars.com/.

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