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Today, November 30, 2016 marks what would have been the 142nd Birthday of Winston Churchill. What better way to celebrate than with a Winston Churchill.

For me I first became aware of Winston Churchill was in 1985. I guess if I paid attention more in school I would have known sooner but it took a song from Iron Maiden to open my eyes. The intro to the song Aces High from the live CD “Live After Death” contained an excerpt from a famous speech that said, “We shall go on to the end.; We shall fight in France.; We shall fight on the seas and oceans.; We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.; We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.; We shall fight on the beaches.; We shall fight on the landing grounds.; We shall fight in the fields and in the streets.; We shall fight in the hills.; We shall never surrender!

As cigar smokers we must continue the fight and never surrender to the FDA. You can do that by joining the CRA, in fact doing so might make a great stocking stuff gift your fellow cigar smokers in addition to some Winston Churchill cigars.

Cigar: Winston Churchill
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Rojiza
Binder: Negro San Andrés (Mexico)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli Seco, Condegas Seco) Dominican (Piloto Mejorado Seco, Hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco, Piloto Seco)
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Vitola: Toro (Commander)

The Look: Packaged in glossy white boxes, the Winston Churchill has a classy and elegant feel to it. The white and gold band is definitive Davidoff. It features the famous silhouette of the man himself, Winston Churchill. The Habano wrapper from Ecuador is medium brown in color with an abundance of oils and some thin veins. In the hand the cigar is firm, with no soft spots.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Winston Churchill Commander serves up notes of melted butter over toast. In the background there is a faint earth that borders on the classic Kelner profile of barnyard, however, it is extremely light in comparison to some of his other blends. The foot of the cigar has a earthy aroma that reminds me of the southwest on an arid day.

Once the cigar is lit a subtle pepper note develops with an abundance of cedar. The buttery richness experienced on the prelight experience carries over to the cigar as it is incredibly creamy. As we smoke through the first of the cigar the cedar notes intensify and a touch of leather is introduced.

In the second third of the Winston Churchill Toro Commander the pepper notes through the nose intensify slightly as the leather notes slowly become the dominant profile as the cedar slides into the background. The cigar remains creamy and smooth.

The last third of the cigar continues with notes of leather and some cedar on the finish. There is some spice through the nose and the aroma of the cigar is reminiscent of eel sushi.

The Finish: The Davidoff Winston Churchill honors the legend of one of the great minds on the 20th Century. It is also a fitting cigar to enjoy on his birthday. It is in credibly smooth, with rich complex notes that satisfies this cigar smoker and we believe will satisfy you as well.

Score: 93
Price: $16.99 each / $65.99 four-pack / $320.99 box

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Foot

Winston Churchill Foot

Winston Churchill Burn

Winston Churchill Burn

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