Woodstock, IL Bans Park Square Smoking *Update*

The City Council of Woodstock, Illinois will vote on an ordinance today that would ban cigars, cigarettes, pipes and e-cigarettes  from Woodstock’s Park in the Square. The ordinance would also ban smoking on adjacent sidewalks and streets on the square.

According to the Northwest Herald, “the specific areas where smoking or burning any tobacco-containing device or using any electronic smoking device would be banned would include the Park in the Square or adjacent sidewalks or streets on the Square, with the exception of Judd Street from Jefferson Street to Benton Street and Benton Street from Church Street to Judd Street.

The proposal which is written by the Chief of Police comes after a public survey in which 73% supported the ban for the Park in the Square.

If passed, the fines range from $50 to $500 for repeat offenders.

Update 9/16: The council voted unanimously 6-0 to postpone a decision on the smoking ban. No date was announced as to when the council will take up the vote again.

Update 10/08: Yesterday, the Woodstock City Council banned smoking in the park. The move is a reduction from the original proposal and was a compromise after talking to community members.


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