California Raises Tobacco Age To 21

While we intended to report on this first thing yesterday morning, the new FDA Regulations became news of the day.

As we reported on March 10, 2016, the State Senate passed a series of bills that included raising the tobacco purchase age from 18 to 21-years-old. Those bills reached the Governor’s desk less than two weeks ago and today all but one were signed into the law.

In addition to the raising of the tobacco purchase age, the state classified e-cigarettes and vaping devices to that of tobacco products, extended the ban on smoking to companies with more than 5 employers and instituted tobacco free policies at schools.

The state also changed the fees for tobacco retailers that now includes a one time $100 fee and annual fee of $265 while distributors and wholesalers will see their license fees increase from $1000 to $1,200.


The measures will go into effect on June 9th, however there was one silver lining in the cloud of doom that will prevent local governments from creating an additional tax on tobacco products.

California becomes the 2nd state to increase the purchase age after Hawaii. It is widely believed that Massachusetts which currently has a tobacco age bill in the house, will follow suit sometime this year.


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