Camacho Unleashed 3

Cigar Review: Camacho Unleashed 3 – A Flavorful Journey

The Camacho Factory Unleashed 3, with its intriguing 6×50 dimensions, is a cigar that commands attention from the moment it graces your hand. Its dark, chocolate-hued Mexican San Andres wrapper immediately hints at a bold experience, but it’s not until you take that initial draw that you truly appreciate the journey ahead.

The Camacho Unleashed 3 boasts a dark chocolate appearance, a testament to it’s carefully selected Mexican San Andres wrapper. The shaggy foot, extending past the wrapper, adds a touch of uniqueness to the cigar’s presentation. While not overly oily, its construction is solid and promises a premium smoking experience.

Upon lighting, the Camacho Unleashed 3 reveals itself as a bourbon-like delight. The initial draw is remarkably smooth, with a smoky profile that immediately piques your interest. Pepper notes dance on the palate, adding an invigorating kick, while a subtle sweetness weaves through the background, balancing the overall flavor.

As you progress into the second third, the Camacho Unleashed 3 continues to deliver on its promise of complexity. Cinnamon notes emerge, intermingling gracefully with the prevailing pepper and smoky profile. The cigar maintains its distinctive character, ensuring that each puff is as intriguing as the last.

In the final third of the journey, the cigar remains steadfast in its flavor profile. There are no dramatic shifts, but this is far from disappointing. The smoky allure and pepper notes persist, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

One of the most pleasant surprises with the Camacho Unleashed 3 is that, despite its formidable appearance, it clocks in at a medium body strength profile. As you venture past the shaggy foot and into the heart of the cigar, you’ll appreciate its solid construction, which ensures an even burn and a consistently satisfying smoke. The Camacho Unleashed 3 is proof that appearances can be deceiving, offering a well-balanced and flavorful journey that keeps you engaged throughout.

In summary, the Camacho Unleashed 3 6×50 is a cigar that lives up to its bold appearance, delivering a complex and enjoyable experience with each puff. Its smooth, smoky profile, pepper notes, and subtle sweetness make it a delightful choice for those seeking a medium-strength cigar that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

Overall Score: 90 out of 100

Overall Strength: 5 out of 10

star camachoThis blind review (Cigar #3-A) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising; Brett Yannalfo, and Rob Smith.

Price: $9.19 per single, $809.99 per box of 100

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